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How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Display Name?

Ok, so hopefully you’ve gone thru the exercise of changing your “Default YouTube Channel Name” already. However, there is still work to be done to get your YouTube channel further customized. In this exercise, I will be changing our “YouTube Channel Display Name“.

1- Go to your new YouTube channel at

To change this you’ll have to disconnect your Youtube channel “from” your Google+ account first!

2- Click your NAME in the upper right hand corner (see screen shot) and the following menus will pop down Continue reading How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Display Name?

How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Name?

As YouTube evolves its interface and makes changes to the structure, I have found that a few of the more apparent aspects are not always “that” clear to new users (or existing users for that matter).

When you sign up for a Google account you are automatically given the option to have your own YouTube channel.

The first thing I usually change is the “YouTube Channel Name” to something more appropriate for display. This is that long random string of numbers and letters that comes after the URL: (per example) Continue reading How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Name?

Social Media Autoposting from your Blog – A Quick Solution

While, many will argue that social media is (of course) about your level of engagement, interaction, and networking, there is also quite a few of us bloggers who “prefer” an auto-posting solution “backed up” by engagement (as time permits).

For instance, a large organization can afford the luxury of a social-media focused individual who “can” take all day (or their 8 hours) and properly engage across media channels for a warm and friendly level of interaction.

The other model is the hard working blogger (usually a 1 person operation) who prefers to spend his or her time on the creation of content and fresh articles.

This article’s strategy “can” be utilized by both but is meant for the single entrepreneur who ALSO needs to alert their followers to fresh posts as they are submitted. This method is also a great way to save massive time (keeping your channels active with content) and driving traffic back from those who are alerted to your activity (your fans, LIKES and followers)

Without further ado, I have devised a simple 3 point plan that each uses a different method for submitting. Continue reading Social Media Autoposting from your Blog – A Quick Solution

RSS Feed INTO Google+ Pages Solution!

I’ve seen my share of proposed solutions over the past year, some of which requiring payment to execute. I had to share this FREE recent solution provided by the Hootsuite Application that works perfectly. Now as we all await Google+ to formalize this feature for G+ users………. have no fear as there is a way!

2 things you need to get started:

1- Sign up for a FREE Hootsuite account (you can also pay for the PREMIUM version, if needed…I just went with the FREE one, myself)

2- I’m going to pass the torch and recommend this article that walks you thru the process of RSS feeds into Google + easily and quickly. Continue reading RSS Feed INTO Google+ Pages Solution!

Facebook Posts are Posting Twice (or more) Issue?

This was a recent issue I dealt with that one hand might seem obvious, but actually took a big of digging to trouble shoot.

If you have set up your blog or RSS feed to funnel into Facebook, you may have run into this once or twice. What we’re talking about is your RSS feed posts showing up in Facebook more than once upon posting. The reason might vary for how you setup your accounts but I thought it best to offer a few suggestions for you to troubleshoot.

Hopefully one of these will lead you in the right direction:

1- Check your WordPress plugins, make sure there isn’t one that might be doubling up or sending out a post from your feed into Facebook. If one looks suspicious, you might try deactivating it until you can test this against your accounts.

2- Are you using Facebook’s “RSS Graffiti” plugin? Check the settings to make sure you didn’t set up 2 channels by accident that post back to your Facebook page

3- Lastly but not least (and for the record the one I eventually tracked the issue down to)
Are you using to autopost your RSS feeds into Facebook?

Make sure you login and check your settings. allows you to autopost your RSS feed back into Facebook thru Twitterfeed. It’s a great solution, however it’s quite possible that 1 of 2 things occurred.
1- you accidentally created the service twice (of which it will hit Facebook 2X on every post)
2- you created 2 accounts (forgetting about the original you set up) which are also hitting Facebook 2x Continue reading Facebook Posts are Posting Twice (or more) Issue?

WordPress: Creating a Custom Social Top Bar for your Blog

I had a client who needed a custom made top bar for his blog that included social icons and branding. Now there is a WordPress plugin which will do the trick at  Though it requires PAYMENT to fully utilize it. Rather than worrying about buying licenses I pulled together my own version that doesn’t require any extra plguins, or alot of hard coding. (Plus I can customize it better to my own specifications

The following works just using basic html and a few custom graphics
(the following examples are presented in 3 basic forms)

1- Open your “header.php” file and place the following code beneath yourtag

See below (the first coding is just a basic top bar you can add your own link to) Continue reading WordPress: Creating a Custom Social Top Bar for your Blog

Prepping HD Video (High Definition) for Facebook and Youtube:

There are few tutorials on the web, that give more detailed info on using software to prep HD video.
If you know how to use a video program such as “Premiere“, “AfterEffects” or “Final Cut Pro“, your really going to need the proper settings that are recognized by the social media sites.

In simple form, the output video should be:

– 1920 x 1080

– H.264 (codec compression)

– Audio 44 (AAC)

– Stereo

– size kept under 1 GB

Once you have this file formatted in this output, as you upload to YouTube of Face book, the site uploader will recognize your file as HD.

Usually this is also indicated by the pull downs on the video that show different sizes to play it by.
In YouTube….the 4 arrow icon should now default to HD on play (full screen)

In Face book…it has a similar operation but in essence it will automatically add that little [HD] symbol Continue reading Prepping HD Video (High Definition) for Facebook and Youtube: