What is Simple Inbound?
“Educating the world, 1 step at a time”

The purpose of this site was to address something that had been bothering me over the years. Namely…. this was the fact that there is “so” much online information available when you need it, but not enough attempts at really breaking things down into steps for the readers who want quick results. Sure THEY are out there in smaller capacities, but if you know a thing about the process, you know that it’s better to introduce longer articles that have more value to the SERPS. Thus as readers, you get a lot of “gook” in the process to sort thru and a lot of time wasted.

What about readers who just want a reference sheet, a step by step process, or a simple breakdown? Why are they required to buy 400 page books explaining everything ever written when they simply want to improve their site or grab a simple tip or 2? The arguments would be made that you need to “understand” first rather than just jumping in. My take though was let’s give readers what they want and then introduce more lengthy articles later. Makes sense right? In any case – someone has to step up…..

Thus I am unleashing my offering….”Simple Inbound”

As a passionate SEO | Web Analyst and Search Engine Marketer over the years for other companies, I began to document my steps and methods for my own reference into a book format. I had every intention at either a fully published book release or maybe even smaller e-book formats. As I began to re-evaluate my options, I decided that I can get alot of this info out very quickly and to the benefit of millions who search everyday for the SAME exact things. My idea was to simply make the information available, convenient, findable and simplified. Thus the book began to trickle down into a web site, the one you are on now. (that book is still coming but, put on hold a bit to collect more insider sharing)

Who is Michael Von Bach?
I am a SEO | Web Analyst – Search Engine Marketer & Inbound Marketer

I have worked in Marketing over the last 20 years in different capacities and roles even before Google was a search engine. It is during this time I have watched the online space change and grow with new emphasis on growth within social sectors and “focused” optimization. While there really isn’t a form of SEO certification (typically) when it comes to this area,  I have developed a few systems that work.  Often I’ve been tasked with re-auditing “SEO optimized sites”, and find holes that were missed or misunderstood by marketing agencies.

The model of the future SEO is one who can take on the full spectrum of “up-to-date SEO”, social media changes and a full analytical understanding of how to make it all work together. A technical background is pertinent to understanding how to work with the code changes needed. The new model for this person is  currently being classified as an Inbound Marketer.

This site was merely created to share some of my findings, and provide the information to others. I like to think of it as an online reference manual to problem issues. My intention is to add new finds and articles as time permits. Please check back occasionally for new additions!

This site will focus primarily on the subject areas of Inbound Marketing: SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media, WordPress, and Lead Generation | Link Building. I will try and introduce new areas over time that have importance to the industry. test

I hope the user experience is both satisfying and that you find what you are looking for. I am always open to new ideas and will try and address them as quickly as possible. You can reach me at:


Owner | CEO – Michael Von Bach |  Web Analyst, Inbound Marketer and SEO Scientist