Content Gap Analysis – 6 Easy SEO Steps to Making your Content More Relevant

Content Gap Analysis is a process of content marketing with the intent of finding those queries that fill the “gap” between current state and future state. Taking your content 1 step further and making it more successful and/or identifying “relevance to alternative searcher intent”.

Essentially you are looking at your primary keywords and discovering gaps you may have missed. Your content covered “this topic” but “may need additional relative keywords based on your study of user  intent and keyword relationships.I suggest using Excel for your exercise

  • 1- Identify the “primary” Keywords you are targeting, make a list

Life Sciences
Biomedical science
Cognitive neuroscience

  • 2- Prioritize the most “valued” keywords in your list

(use “Keyword planner tool” to see relative value)
– either valued to you
– or valued to others

  • 3- Evaluate “intent” of each (Create 4-6 “additional relative keywords” from your primary in step #1)

Life Sciences
– microorganisms
– plants
– animals
– bioethics

  • 4- Google the keywords to see if your list matches keywords from step #2
  • 5 – Analyze competition for important variations and add these to the list

Congrats, you now have a search-optimized foundation for your content!

  • 6 – Build your content around these keywords or create articles based on potential “gaps” you may have missed. Either/or you have insight into how to make your content more relative to Search
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