Social Media Autoposting from your Blog – A Quick Solution

While, many will argue that social media is (of course) about your level of engagement, interaction, and networking, there is also quite a few of us bloggers who “prefer” an auto-posting solution “backed up” by engagement (as time permits). For … Continue reading

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RSS Feed INTO Google+ Pages Solution!

I’ve seen my share of proposed solutions over the past year, some of which requiring payment to execute. I had to share this FREE recent solution provided by the Hootsuite Application that works perfectly. Now as we all await Google+ … Continue reading

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Google+: The Plunge into Early Adoption

Ok, so you’re ready to start your first Google+ Business page! Maybe the Marketing team has been throwing a few buzz words around or maybe you ARE the Marketing team who doesn’t want to be “that” last business owner on … Continue reading

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Google+: Can’t Edit Business Page? – Tips for Business Owners

I’ve been building and tearing down Facebook Business pages for so long, that it would seem that everything in a new social platform is right there in plain sight. So you can guess my wonder when I logged into my … Continue reading

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Google+: Business savviness – Joining the Ranks of Search Opportunity

Hey there again! In this article I wanted to look at a few discoveries that I made this week. Namely it’s the instant SEO capabilities of getting your insurance business (or other) into the flow of information. As mentioned in … Continue reading

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