Google+: The Plunge into Early Adoption

Ok, so you’re ready to start your first Google+ Business page! Maybe the Marketing team has been throwing a few buzz words around or maybe you ARE the Marketing team who doesn’t want to be “that” last business owner on the block?

Will this Google+ page send business rolling in like a tsunami sprinkling your web site with traffic beyond belief? No, not necessarily. Though it certainly IS in “your” best interest to at least begin, build or start to establish your foundation in the early stages of this growing empire

The question that everyone seems to be asking, is why start “another” portal, why waste the energy? If history is any indication, it’s that trends can literally change over night. Embracing the culture and adopting to change in a mission critical manner “might” possibly be the solution to quick adoption in the 21st century. In Sept, business2community reported a growth explosion for Google+ alone reaching 10 million users, also deeming it the “fastest social network” in new record.

Have no fear, as the one thing we’ve learned in the early days of the Facebook, Twitter, and “like” social outlets, is that there IS advantage to early adoption. In a recent study provided by Hubspot they state “Web sites using Google’s +1 button get 3.5X the Google+ visits.” This potentially leads to an increase in traffic. Better yet, now with the addition of users ability to create a “Business page”, owners can establish their brand or company presence while reaching within the Google+ environment to network with other like markets.

In my own observations, I’ve noticed a gradual rise within the business sectors of “pages” being constructed based on this same principle. From experience, I have learned that the initials are slower due to the learning curve users face (though not for long). The good news is that the learning curve is not much different than constructing a simple Facebook page In fact, it appears that simple things like a “prominent linking section” and a much more intuitive “about section” already appear to recognize the needs of business owners .

Talk of integrating Google Analytics into Google+ is already underway also allowing industry to dive deeper into their marketing efforts by gaining insight into trends. Experts state to at least begin, build, or start to establish your foundation in the early stages of this growing empire.

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