Why Companies Should Delete all Meta-keywords from Web Pages?

It never fails to amaze me how companies refuse to let go of their precious meta-keywords tags from web  pages. Somewhere down the line years ago….someone told them to add meta-keywords to every page on their site to rank well.

This was true at 1 time. In fact SEO was much different in the 90’s. Using this technique was considered being SEO-savvy. The truth is, if you are using it now, your are not only an SEO dinosaur but your probably hurling your site and potentially being flagged as “keyword stuffing”.


Now before we get too far, Google does realize this fact and really is quite lenient on old-schoolers, so don’t fire your SEO person just yet.

Folks it is due time you ramp up into the 21st century, as it’s most likely your competitors have.

So back to the question Why Companies should delete all “Meta-keywords” from web Pages?

1- It was discontinued in 2009, so it’s no longer used, period.
Note: Don’t believe me, watch this video from Matt Cutts (or query it up yourselves)
[dailymotion width=”450″ height=”300″]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x14vr79_how-much-time-should-i-spend-on-meta-tags-and-which-ones-matter_news[/dailymotion]

2- SEO’s (like myself) rely on competitors using this old school tactic so we can chime into your marketing methods. In other words, you are giving us “what” areas you are marketing for on a silver platter. Don’t believe me?

Run this free application against your site. Now all your keywords can be exported into an Excel spread sheet. Easy for you…easy for me.     http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/

3- Potential to be flagged as “keyword stuffing” per Google (watch that video again if you missed that point)

4- It takes up unneeded coding space (especially folks who stuff the crap out of this meta-tag)

5- It alerts “me” the SEO, on how “behind” your company is in technology and optimization techniques. It also makes all those spammy agencies (who contact you once a week) look good as they have something to talk about (no, really…they do)

6- Wastes precious production time. Your SEO needs to concentrate on relative tasks, not wasteful tasks.

7- SEO has moved away from keyword pages and more to “answering keyword queries with the most useful and beneficial content”

BUT, why does my CMS system still have an option to enter these in?
Because they never took it out. They also are more concerned with their customers needs rather than whether it’s deemed still relevant or not. Don’t feel the need to be a “field-populator” on everything

What do you recommend?
Delete them all. Save them to a file so you have a record of what keywords your company was targeting.

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