Creating a Competitor Advantage with Your Content

1- Decide what is the article’s primary “keyword theme” that you are targeting (as a basis of writing your article)
– write that down
– include secondary keywords or themes that are relative to the primary
– if you are stuck, use the “keyword planner tool” to help generate ideas
– keep these keywords and themes close as you contemplate your article. They should be included frequently without appearing “spammy”(recommendation: at least 3X)

2- Perform a search query to see what/who is currently ranking for your targeted keyword query
(Perform a quick content audit on the articles that rank)

3- Ask “What is missing from “their articles”?
– write it down next to your keywords list

4- Take into consideration a “unique title that captures readers attention”
(The title is the first thing that they will see in SERPS)

5- Consider what questions are being asked and answered by the result of your article?
(if the answer is “none” then you need to rethink your article’s purpose)

6- Ask, How thorough is the article and it’s use of details?

7- Do you have visuals that you can include with your article?
(Visuals are an important part of articles that rank higher today. They provide a “warmer” presentation to your article)

8- Is the content extensive enough?
(does it contain enough words that makes it crawlable and indexable to search engines?)

(recommend at least 500-650 words).
Longer content does not mean “excessive rambling”, it should be quality information that compliments the main objectives

9- Finally set out to create your “original unique article” with the criteria listed above always keeping in mind the objective, Is it better than what currently ranks #1?

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