How to Reclaim Lost User Keyword Data That Used to Be Available in Google Analytics

SEO’s and Marketing agencies have now looked to using a combination of tools for the purpose of recapturing some of this lost data which was removed from Google Analytics during the 2013-2014 time period. Some of the methods require higher level involvement than GA’s previous “handed on a silver platter”  functionality, though by no means should the introduction of “hidden data” (not provided) suggest that all hope is lost.

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Why SEO at All?

Putting all technical and “healthy site” factors aside, the best answer I’ve heard for this is: “because your competitors are“.

SEO gives competitors an advantage in terms of reach. An SEO, while focused on several factors all at once, is essentially making sure that your data and site is “machine readable”.

SEO is at its core is a “strategic marketing exercise” thats goal is to attract as much targeted traffic as possible by integrating SEO every step of the way. The formula is far from being a fixed 1-off exercise.

Reports of search engine changes, recommendations, and strategies don’t just pump in monthly, but almost…. daily.

The goal of a search engine is to provide the most relevant information as fast and as accurately as possible to users. Continue reading

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How to Optimize Your Content for SEO in 2014

Search Engines in 2014:
The arena has changed from previous years in which a website could use “keyword stuffing tactics” in content without value for the user to potentially gain rankings. Google has re-written their search engine to promote a new approach that analyzes a page for relative semantic value. (The official industry name for this change is called “Hummingbird“)

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What Do the Articles Mean by the Phrase SEO IS DEAD

The Google “Hummingbird” algorithm update has effectively killed “exact keyword matching” used as a past SEO tactic. This was also propagated by algorithm updates such as “Panda” and “Penguin” in 2013-2014 which in addition have directly dealt with techniques used to “game” or influence the system of search.

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How to Set up your Local Business Address

While there are many options you can take for adding more categories to your local business page microdata, I have found the following as a great base to use as a template for your own modification. Before you begin, you must enter your  business information in the following “Google local tool box“. (You can skip items such as “description” if you’d like)

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Structured Data, & Rich Snippets Explained

With SEO rapidly changing and the scope of the Internet taking on new forms, a new base of terms has emerged in the interest of re-defining how data is interpreted in search engines. The subject of “structured data” is not entirely new, though it has found new life within the last few years as search engines are evolving and eliminating the garbage factors that have plagued search since the beginning.

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Why is Google Analytics Certification Worth it?

I first wondered this myself when drudging thru pages upon pages of study materials, videos, tutorials, mock-testing and memorization. I had in fact always used Google Analytics within Marketing to “some” capacity (usually the level that the rest of the world uses it at). It counts page hits, delivers keyword information and tells you where the buckets of traffic are rooted. That seemed to be enough at the time.

The reality here is that Google Analytics is a quite complex application offering alot more under the hood. Those offerings “usually” are under-utilized due to Google Analytics simply seeming to be overwhelming (when digging into all its levels and trenches of information).

Certification was a need that, I decided long ago, was something that would be of immense value to me.
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