How to Reclaim Lost User Keyword Data That Used to Be Available in Google Analytics

SEO’s and Marketing agencies have now looked to using a combination of tools for the purpose of recapturing some of this lost data which was removed from Google Analytics during the 2013-2014 time period. Some of the methods require higher level involvement than GA’s previous “handed on a silver platter”  functionality, though by no means should the introduction of “hidden data” (not provided) suggest that all hope is lost.

Solutions include, but may not be limited to:

  • Landing Page analysis (using Google analytics and custom filtered profiles)
  • Google Webmaster Tools – keyword queries data (not as direct as Google Analytics previous keyword data but still insightful)
  • Bing Webmaster Tools – web site account keywords data
  • AdWords (PPC) keyword data (still active in Google Analytics for paid ads which brings in revenue for Google but is also rumored to discontinue in future upgrades)
  • Social media tools (word clouds, various analytics tools using follower user data to correlate postings user interest)
  • Internal search engine report (aka “Site Search“) – Looking at queries entered into your own website’s internal search engine gives direct data as to what active users are looking for.
  • Dissecting Google Search Strings – (high level URL deciphering method of analyzing the search strings of traffic coming from Google, roughly more difficult in setup, but still an option)
  • Additional applications now have their own form of keyword indications such as SEMrush, KISSmetrics…etc. These are usually more costly paid applications that vary in their methods for gaining some user keyword indications.
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