Why SEO at All?

Why is it imperative for companies to practice SEO, and adhere to search engine change, and what does this mean for web sites?

  • Putting all technical and “healthy site” factors aside, the best answer I’ve heard for this is: “because your competitors are“.
  • Web sites must also adhere to new practices while keeping relevant and previous recommended practices as part of an ongoing exercise for the health and marketability of their sites.
  • SEO gives competitors an advantage in terms of reach. An SEO, while focused on several factors all at once, is essentially making sure that your data and site is “machine readable“.
  • SEO is at its core is a “strategic marketing exercise” thats goal is to attract as much targeted traffic as possible by integrating SEO every step of the way. The formula is far from being a fixed 1-off exercise and is often referred to as a “moving target”
  • Reports of search engine changes, recommendations, and strategies don’t just pump in monthly, but almost.… daily.
  • The goal of a search engine is to provide the most relevant information as fast and as accurately as possible to users. This is a core business decision that is imperative to search engines to be as competitive and as useful as possible. This also means that no search engine can survive by simply standing still as a business model. Progression is eminent.
  • Generates new business opportunities
  • Raises awareness of your brand
  • Helps build relationships and prospects with customers
  • Builds upon your brand and authority
  • Wins attention of target audience at different stages of the buying cycle
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