Social Media Autoposting from your Blog – A Quick Solution

While, many will argue that social media is (of course) about your level of engagement, interaction, and networking, there is also quite a few of us bloggers who “prefer” an auto-posting solution “backed up” by engagement (as time permits).

For instance, a large organization can afford the luxury of a social-media focused individual who “can” take all day (or their 8 hours) and properly engage across media channels for a warm and friendly level of interaction.

The other model is the hard working blogger (usually a 1 person operation) who prefers to spend his or her time on the creation of content and fresh articles.

This article’s strategy “can” be utilized by both but is meant for the single entrepreneur who ALSO needs to alert their followers to fresh posts as they are submitted. This method is also a great way to save massive time (keeping your channels active with content) and driving traffic back from those who are alerted to your activity (your fans, LIKES and followers)

Without further ado, I have devised a simple 3 point plan that each uses a different method for submitting.

Note: While these solutions can overlap each other (submitting to multiple social channels), I have chosen this method for the “features” each offers to its respective social media platform.

1- You create 1 blog post and hit SUBMIT
2- The post is sent out to the 3 major social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) per RSS feed output and INTO the platforms.

My simple illustration demonstrates how this works:


Social platform #1: Google+ (using Hootsuite)
I’ve created an article on this which you can find here

Social platform #2: Twitter (using “Twitterfeed“)
Twitterfeed” is free, and is my favorite for Twitter auto posting. Mainly because you can append to the front and back of your posts with Hash tags (if you desire). It also can be limited to “title only” which keeps the number of characters down.

Social platform #3: Facebook (using “Facebook App – RSS Graffiti“)
MY preferred method for Facebook, as it adds a thumbnail and works within the Facebook platform

This article is meant to give you a FREE solution for the top 3 platforms, the learning curve for each is extremely low, making setup quick, fast AND reliable!

Note: You must have an RSS feed for these to work, if you are using a WordPress blog, then your feed address is

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