RSS Feed INTO Google+ Pages Solution!

I’ve seen my share of proposed solutions over the past year, some of which requiring payment to execute. I had to share this FREE recent solution provided by the Hootsuite Application that works perfectly. Now as we all await Google+ to formalize this feature for G+ users………. have no fear as there is a way!

2 things you need to get started:

1- Sign up for a FREE Hootsuite account (you can also pay for the PREMIUM version, if needed…I just went with the FREE one, myself)

2- I’m going to pass the torch and recommend this article that walks you thru the process of RSS feeds into Google + easily and quickly.

As of this post, I have tested this with working results!

– Right now this is limited to Google+ PAGES and NOT your personal profile
– After adding my Feed and activating my Google+ account in Hootsuite, it takes about 1-2 hours before kicking in.

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