How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Name?

As YouTube evolves its interface and makes changes to the structure, I have found that a few of the more apparent aspects are not always “that” clear to new users (or existing users for that matter).

When you sign up for a Google account you are automatically given the option to have your own YouTube channel.

The first thing I usually change is the “YouTube Channel Name” to something more appropriate for display. This is that long random string of numbers and letters that comes after the URL: (per example)

Which is hardly something that visitors will remember!

Customizing this might “not” be that apparent to account holders. In my example, I will be showing you how I would go about changing my default YouTube channel

1- Go to your new YouTube channel at
2- Click your NAME in the upper right hand corner (see screen shot) and the following menus will pop down
3- Next click on YouTube SETTINGS


4- Next, right next to your avatar is the option ADVANCED. Click that

5- A new screen will pop up, you’ll want to click the blue option CREATE CUSTOM URL


6- This will give you the screen to change your YouTube URL

Youtube-how-to-change-channel-name-57- In my case it gave me

That’s it!


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