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Enabling Google Pagerank in Internet Explorer (where is it?)

I just installed the Google toolbar, where did Page rank go???

OK, I wont go into the semantics of if PR is important or not, you can read more on Pagerank

Simply, this article is on how to get PR to show in your Google tool bar?
(just so you know it’s been somewhat hidden)

01- Install Google ToolBar

02- Right click on Google Toolbar and select “Google Toolbar Options
(you can also click on the wrench icon

03- per the illustration, click on PRIVACY, and check the Google Page rank boxes (see image)

04- SAVE Continue reading Enabling Google Pagerank in Internet Explorer (where is it?)

How to Check your Page Rank and Alexa Rank Quickly?

I love when I find a free piece of “online” software that produces results fast and cleanly. The website I’m recommending here is called Bulk Domain http://www.bulkdog.com/ and let’s you check on rankings for yourself and 19 other sites.

As an Inbound Marketing consultant this quick step may save you manual time when you are in a pinch on some turnaround ranking info.

01– Enter up to 20 domains in the left box Continue reading How to Check your Page Rank and Alexa Rank Quickly?

12 most important facts about ‘Page Rank’

So what’s the deal with “Page Rank”?
Page Rank is Google’s bastard child of a ranking that everyone wishes would go away but still hangs onto like it represents some level of importance. In this list we are referring to the “Page Rank” that shows up in toolbars


1) Page Rank has been more than less dismissed by the SEO community.

2) Page Rank (the toolbar one) is called by many as a Pseudo page rank.

3) Page Rank (the actual one – the one we cant see) is only known by Google alone.

4) Page Rank is not in real time and is reported as being updated every 4 months (or every quarter) (your page’s listing)

5) Page Rank is really named after “Larry Page” even though it has subconsciously adhered into our psyche’s that it was named after web “pages”

6) Page Rank assigns a numerical weight to the importance of a page

7) Google has stated that site owners shouldn’t focus on page rank anymore

8) October 15, 2009, a Google removed PageRank from its Webmaster Tools section.

9) Marketers (or marketing companies) still seem to base value on this dinosaur measurement

10) Marketers (or marketing companies) still try and sell advertising based on “page rank”

11) Because of this, there still are efforts made towards elevating a sites “page rank”

12) Google uses over 200 other methods to optimize the search results (in addition to Page Rank) Continue reading 12 most important facts about ‘Page Rank’