Facebook kills all LIKING assistance sites! Community ANGRY!

Wow, it didn’t take long for the Facebook mafia to step and squash all the LIKE assistance apps on the market. It was only a month ago I reported on a new kind of application that helps Facebook starter sites get some kind of grounding by getting them LIKED based on liking other sites back. This if of course helps one to meet that dreaded “25 LIKE” quota so that new Facebook sites can properly establish a decent “username” (aka vanity URL) such as: http://www.facebook.com/SimpleInbound

This previously working site is called Twiends. It’s premise was pretty simple and served a NEEDED function that new sites struggle with. Though all good things come crashing down and Facebook killed Twiends LIKING app. Shortly after (and word got out) onliners were turning to Twimates which also got squashed. So in typical online fashion, a forum discussion began in several sectors which made mention of some helpful alternatives.

Yep, you guessed it! Squashed, squashed, squashed.

I had given up hope and found 1 small straggler that still seemed to work. Per this article, that site WAS called earnlikes.com.

A week later, app wasn’t killed, but INSTEAD the whole DOMAIN was taken down. What gives!!!

Now I don’t need to write an article to point out that Facebook is really killing their own market. FB users will get fed up and jump on the next big thing that arrives…..remember MYSPACE???? Facebook, quit before its too late! Kill your app killing bots and embrace the freedom aspect that keeps folks even interested in being a part of you in the first place.

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Facebook kills all LIKING assistance sites! Community ANGRY!

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4 thoughts on “Facebook kills all LIKING assistance sites! Community ANGRY!”

  1. Given that facebook is about to create it’s own downfall by not respecting “the freedom aspect” as you call it. what is the alternative for users to leave facebook? when myspace had its downfall facebook was already there to step up. what do you think, might google+ be able to replace (or at least take a larger share of FB users) facebook in the future? do you think that what facebook does will be widely noticed by the average consumer using facebook? please let me know your opinion!

    1. Yes, it’s been a trend of timing. Google has long been working up a competitor replacement to take back its hold from FB. Facebook is of course pretty integrated into people lives already, so I imagine it would be a slow transition. Though history tends to repeat itself, so with continuing issues that tend to annoy users and reports of user discontent, a familar path has been taken. It’s these kind of things that add up and influence that movement. Plus 1 is starting to take effect which is a small step into the next thing. Myspace just sold the other day for $35 million, which is further proof of an old favorite now dead. When sites like FB start policing smaller things like in the above article its proof of their ignorance against users own needs.

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