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Facebook kills all LIKING assistance sites! Community ANGRY!

Wow, it didn’t take long for the Facebook mafia to step and squash all the LIKE assistance apps on the market. It was only a month ago I reported on a new kind of application that helps Facebook starter sites … Continue reading

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How many LIKES do I need to get a Facebook Username?

The current count is 25 to change your username. – The term used to be called a Vanity URL in Facebook but has been simplified to Username– It used to be harder to find  to but has been added in your … Continue reading

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How to get a Facebook Fan page username (Vanity URL) in an hour?

How do I get one of those cool Facebook URLs? How can I change my username for my fan page? How can I get my Facebook site address to look more like Oprah’s? How can I claim my Facebook Fan … Continue reading

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