FaceBook: Working replacement for Twiends?

Similar Site to Twiends?
Any other websites similar to/as useful as Twiends?
Facebook Replacement for Twiends
Help getting username on Facebook?

If you’ve check out my article here on getting a Facebook Page username in a hour, then you might have also heard the news that Twiends has had to take down their Facebook service. This is unfortunate and has followed into other sites like http://www.twimates.com/. So the pressing question is….. what is the working alternative? I’ve dropped by most on the lists but only found one that seems to work on a smaller scale. It needs more sites on it, so spread the word so that it works on a larger scale. It’s easy to use and does the trick.

The site: http://www.earnlikes1.com/

Oh, and I couldn’t get it to work on IE, so use Firefox.

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FaceBook: Working replacement for Twiends?

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3 thoughts on “FaceBook: Working replacement for Twiends?”

  1. Wow! A week after posting this, it looks like earnlikes.com has been taken down as well. Has the Facebook mafia stepped in to squash all FB assistance apps? It appears so!

  2. Social Clump works still… not as good but works perfectly

  3. I’ve used Twiends many times in the past and found that a lot of people unfollowed me after I followed. Now I use FollowsPro and the people there are more professional so they don’t unfollow as much. http://followspro.com

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