How to create a Facebook Business or Fan page?

Facebook fan page steps?
How to get my business on Facebook?
Kickstarting my Fan page?

(Note: you must have a working personal page first, so that you can be an admin of your business page)

What does that mean?
1- create a personal FB profile page THEN follow below


02– Select what your page will be (brand, product, business…)

03– Hooray – your on your way!

– Add your image(avatar)
– Add your INFO (complete bio and don’t forget your website address)
– Add your first Tweet
– Add tweets to pages you want to

This is your shell starter page, next you’ll want to announce your page , promote it and start gaining likes and comments.
You can’t add friends, so you need to get folks to LIKE your page.
(Though you can use the SUGGEST TO FRIENDS link to help)

If you need to kickstart this, then you’ll want to read this article – How to get Facebook LIKES

04– After 25 LIKES make sure and change your URL to a user name URL!! (claim your territory)
(left menu: EDIT–>EDIT INFO–>BASIC INFORMATION->Username¬†

How to create a Facebook Business or Fan page?

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