How many LIKES do I need to get a Facebook Username?

The current count is 25 to change your username.

– The term used to be called a Vanity URL in Facebook but has been simplified to Username– It used to be harder to find  to but has been added in your BASIC SETTINGS now

– You should claim your business name (username) ASAP, before someone else does – as names go fast and become unavailable

– Example: The process to get your Fan page web address looking more like this:

– You HAVE  to have a personal profile BEFORE claiming or creating a FAN PAGE
(yes this means 2 Facebook pages – YOUR PROFILE and YOUR FAN PAGE)
(Though you only need to sign up for one account)

– If you try and trick the system by using your profile as a FAN PAGE – you’ll eventually get your account canceled (by Facebook)
(Meaning –  Don’t name your personal profile something like SIMPLE INBOUND instead of your real name)
(It may take a year to happen but it will get canceled if you try to trick Facebook)

Need to get a Username set within an hour? See our Tutorial on a surefire technique

How many LIKES do I need to get a Facebook Username?

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  2. you need 25 fans to change your facebook page name but be awera of that when you reach 500 fans you can’t change the fan page name anymore!

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