Twitter: Free Mass follow | Mass unfollow a day – kick starting your new Twitter page

I thought I might share a technique that I get asked about quite alot. Now I strongly urge you to first check out my article called “45 Top Ways to get Twitter Followers – The definitive guide, just so you have a strong hold on best and worst practices.  There are plenty of software packages that you can purchase for a relatively small fee that will automate alot of this for you. Sometimes though you might be in a crunch to just get a Twitter account started and its info stream flowing nicely, instead of the dreaded “wait till they come” approach.

Why is this necessary?
Basically “you can’t enjoy a party if noone comes”. So you begin to bait and seed your Twitter channel so that at least you have the opportunity to get conversations started.

I found a great site, that you can do just thing for free. It is called

Here are the simple steps to get this moving:

01– Sign on to your Twitter account (must be logged in)

02– Go to

03– Click on the gray button “Good old Free Tweepi” – or just login at the top

04– This will instantly try and connect its API to “your” Twitter account
(Click the Blue button “Authorize app”)

05– Now here is the targeting part: You’ll want to grab the Twitter name of a site that markets in your same market, genre, niche or field. So for instance, say I choose Adobe as a Twitter site that is relevant.

I would go up to the menu “Follow Tweeps” then “@users followers” and enter in @Adobe

Now click “Start following

06– Ok, Now your going to be following relevant users (you hope). The select all button (that little gray box) on left doesn’t work due to Twitter rules, though no problem…click the first name (gray box), hold the SHIFT key and click the last name (scroll to bottom of screen.)

This will select everyone at once

(Note: you might want to change the default displaying to 40 instead of 20)

07– Click the bottom button on left – “Follow”
(Wait till it processes)

08– That’s it, I suggest maybe flipping to the next page and following a max of 80 per day.

09 – Finally, you’ll want to wait a day to see who follows back. After you gotten some followers go ahead and “unfollow” those who are not interested, to keep your ratio down.

10- Now, I should warn you that you’ll want to use this as a kick starter ONLY, but not a daily practice. This is just to get a starter audience so you can work on the steps mentioned here. Aggressive following every day is spamming and could get your account banned.

– Target like users or markets
– Give your Twitter starter account some juice
– Begin to engage others
– Increase followers, unfollow those not interested
– Keep your “following” to “followers” ratio within range (basically you don’t want to have a huge “following” number over “followers”

Good luck – Happy Tweets

Twitter: Free Mass follow | Mass unfollow a day – kick starting your new Twitter page

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