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Ok, Welcome again to more Twitter techniques! As a social marketer, you of course want to stay relevant to your field, market or niche. I mean it’s nice to want EVERYONE to follow you, but of course its more useful if your “Tweets” are being seen by those who would more appreciate them. Grandma Jones, may not want to hear about Lady GaGa’s new tour….get it!

So with that seque I’m going to use Gaga as a good example of tweeting to your niche.

I like to use tools of course, because when you have a list of 50 things to do, time is short for Tweet relevance. For the purpose of this study we’ll use a tool I love to use for this purpose.

It’s a neat little site called

So you’ve started a Twitter site called @Gagamadness (or such…insert fake name here)
Your wanting to key in on sites that like Gaga, like music, like trends maybe with similar culture (like Hot topic). So you’ll want to follow a few steps.

01– Log on to your Twitter account first

02– Now go to and click that top blue link (login (via oauth)
(you might have to start a new account, or maybe not)

03– Click big blue button “Authorize app

04– Cool, now your in and ready to use the tool

05– So the next thing you want to do is get the name of the site you want to investigate.
For article sake I’m going to use Hot Topics Twitter account @HotTopic

06– Now in Tweepi, go to the top nav under FOLLOW TWEEPS—>@USER’S FOLLOWERS

07– Enter in @HotTopic and click big orange button “Start Following

08– Now you’ll want to go to the bottom of the page and choose 40 instead of showing 20

09- What this technique allows you to do now is peruse thru the Twitter site’s followers to find ones who stand out as being “relevant” to your market. They of course ALL won’t be obvious, however its great technique for targeting (and finding) sites who might enjoy your Gaga tweets!

10– You can of course, use this on any Twitter site of your choice and is a great marketing tool to boot.

Disclaimer: resist the urge to “just” follow everyone.

Hope that helps

Twitter: Connecting with your target audience

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