WordPress: Plugins – Upgrades that don’t work Solution

How to undo a plugin Upgrade

Often WordPress updates its core file, along with it you might get notifications of your plugins that need upgraded.
Though what I have found is that plugin upgrades are not always correct, or even always the version that worked for you best. This could be due to a number of things, compatibility, themes…..take your pick.

Did you know that plugins on the WordPress plugin directory save old versions?

Easy enough if you upgrade a plugin that doesn’t work, you can go back tot he original page and download its previous version

(now you’ll have to uninstall the new version completely as well)
(Make sure to write down any settings that you might have to reset)

01- Go to the WordPress plugin directory

02– Search for your plugin

03– On the right in the blue box titled FYI – Click “Other versions

04– Go ahead and find the version prior to the one you just installed and download that

05– Now reinstall this version and your back in business!

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