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WordPress: Plugins – Upgrades that don’t work Solution

How to undo a plugin Upgrade

Often WordPress updates its core file, along with it you might get notifications of your plugins that need upgraded.
Though what I have found is that plugin upgrades are not always correct, or even always the version that worked for you best. This could be due to a number of things, compatibility, themes…..take your pick.

Did you know that plugins on the WordPress plugin directory save old versions?

Easy enough if you upgrade a plugin that doesn’t work, you can go back tot he original page and download its previous version

(now you’ll have to uninstall the new version completely as well)
(Make sure to write down any settings that you might have to reset)

01- Go to the WordPress plugin directory Continue reading WordPress: Plugins – Upgrades that don’t work Solution

Worpdress Homepage that shows HTML Excerpts, thumbnails and videos – How to?

Customizing my homepage in wordpress to show excerpts while also including videos and html tags

By using a little code change and the use of 2 plugins, I was able to customize my homepage (frontpage) to include a nice use of html tags and my embedded videos. Why the video part was important to me was that I was getting less video plays when they were only available on the full posts. Alot of my video traffic came from my front page announcements which was easier for the users to click and play. So I had to come up with a solution that included excerpts, videos showing and thumbnails……..not easy

The good news is I worked thru all the parameters to a really easy solution


01– Open up your file,  loop.php and change the following page code (backup up just in case)

– do a search for “the_content()” and replace with “the_excerpt()”
– this will set up “excerpts” instead of full posts for your homepage (only)

02– Add plugins below and note instructions:

Want to see a visual example of this? Check out HTML exceprts with thumbnails and video here

PLUGIN:”ADVANCED EXCERPT” (location once installed     dashboard->plugins–>Excerpt)
On bottom where it says more tags, make sure and add “param”, “div”, “object” to list
– now uncheck “div” and “img” (you uncheck markup that you don’t want showing)
– this will put your video on the front home page, the “div” will be removed so it doesn’t look odd

Need to add youtube / vimeo or daily motion to excerpt?
In plugin :”ADVANCED EXCERPT”, make sure and add these tags, leave them “checked” Continue reading Worpdress Homepage that shows HTML Excerpts, thumbnails and videos – How to?