Transfer my domain FROM Network Solutions to another ISP

Hope this helps if you got stuck like me. The section for doing this is created NOT that obvious really complicating things when you want to move your domain to another ISP

Authorization Code:
Please note when it gets down to #7, you can call (1-877-496-4994) to get your Authorization Code or do so thru this same section

01Sign on


03– click on tab “MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

04– Now under the title that says “Find All of Your Products Below“, you’ll see in Blue –  “MY DOMAIN NAMES“, Click this

05– Now you should be in a section called DOMAIN NAMES, you’ll want to scroll almost to the bottom in the section that says
Details for (see my illustration)

06– In that white section (see illustration) You want the line that says “Domain Protect
To the right on if click on the link that says “Turn Off or Request Authorization Code”

07– thats it! – Now either go back to your other isp and re-enter in your “Authorization Code” or request a new on

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