WordPress: Category Thumbnails Image Widget Plugin for Sidebar


I thought this post would be a great help to those looking for this “look and feel” option for your theme. In fact I’ve seen this kind of widget in several themes (built in), but nothing that really does this simple need function (in the way of plugins).

For clarification, it’s a sidebar widget that only shows the thumbnails (or with titles..etc) on “recent posts” organized (or with the ability to organize) into columns (2-up, 4-up, 6-up)..etc. I’ve included a snapshot example to illustrate the need:


Now I will say that you can do ALOT with this plugin, so this is only 1 example. The other cool thing is that it generates PHP that you can add to your INDEX.PHP or PAGE, POSTS..what ever!

This means your not limited to the side bar (see an example of it added to a WordPress front page)


The plugin also grants tons of options, including CATEGORIES, PAGES, specific PAGES, specific CATEGORIES…………TITLES, hide titles, LINKS, hide links…..

In any case, The item is called :

Special Recent Posts PRO

and only costs $6 (well worth the headache of trying to do it yourself)


They also have a FREE version:
Special Recent Posts FREE


Though the FREE version only allows 1 column, rather than multiples (and more limited options)

Lastly, I’m not a sponsor or being paid to advertise this plugin, I just thought it was a great find (and something I think many might be looking for)

Hope that helps!

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