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Yahoo Pipes: How to add more than 10 url’s (sites)?

While Yahoo Pipes seems to be limited to 10 feeds per module, the way around that is to add more modules and then use a UNION module to connect them together. Please see visual example below. There of course is … Continue reading

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Yahoo Pipes: What is the difference Between “Fetch Feed” and “Fetch Site Feed”?

In Yahoo Pipes, you can choose between 2 options Fetch Feed = you enter in the RSS feed directly (the actual RSS page) Fetch Site Feed = you enter in the general site (such as www.microsoft.com), and if there is … Continue reading

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Yahoo Pipes: Building an Custom RSS Feed to your tastes

Creating a Combined RSS Feed How to aggregate a Feed? Combining RSS news feeds into 1 feed using Yahoo Pipes A quick intro to Yahoo Pipes RSS feeds are the heart of online news and media these days. Simply enough … Continue reading

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How to import feeds into your Facebook fanpage (or account)

01–  Open fan page 02– Click on Edit page 03- On left click “Apps” 04– Look for “Notes” towards the bottom –  then below it click on “go to App” 05- On top it will say “Write a note” – though go … Continue reading

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