Why a favicon.ico is important to SEO? (custom favorites icon)

Not an often written subject, I believe a firm SEO’ed package delivery must include a CUSTOM icon for your home page

What is favicon.ico? – Simply that little icon that appears in your browsers favorites

Oh, that thing – why important?

Simple analogy = users see = users may find or investigate quicker

OK, I get it..now how do I create one?

01-  create a custom icon graphic 16×16 pixels (note at such small size usually a letter or 2 or small icon is appropriate

02– yep, save that on your computer as a jpg

03- Use a 3rd party software tool like http://www.favicon.cc/ to upload your jpg (use the “import image” menu

04– Follow the quick instructions and save your .ico to your desktop

05– Ok, now just upload that per FTP to your website’s ROOT directory
(this would be the foler where you place your index.html file)

06- Thats it – after awhile it will start to attach itself to folks favorite bookmarks

Is there Meta code to assist?

Yep! – you can also add this to your meta tags section if you’d like

<link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=”/favicon.png” />
<LINK REL=”SHORTCUT ICON” HREF=”/favicon.ico”>

Note: notice I provided 2 alternatives for favicon finding – not necessary but a nice back up

What About WordPress?

Simple….. you’ll want to add the plugin admin favicon, in which after installing it will set a favicon metatag
(though make sure your favicon.ico is already uploaded to your root)

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