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Google Analytics IQ Lessons Notes (2012) New Version 5 – Part 2

Part 2 of the Notes from the Google Analytics IQ Lessons. Remember, you will need to also watch the presentations for visual clarity. The notes on their own won’t be adequate

•Account Administration


Click the Account Administration icon to manage your accounts, web properties, profiles, and user access. (You can find the icon at the top right of any screen in Google Analytics.)
You’ll be taken to the Account Administration screen which lists all of the Analytics accounts to which you have access.


The ”Plus New Account” button is how you would create a new analytics account under the login that you are currently using.

So, when should you create a new account? If you manage the analytics services for several websites which belong to different organizations, you’ll generally want to create a new account for each organization. We’ll discuss this best practice in a few minutes. Continue reading Google Analytics IQ Lessons Notes (2012) New Version 5 – Part 2