Removing The Title of WordPress Pages

Actually the process is pretty simple.
It requires creating a new page template, removing some code from it and then re-saving under a different name

Why do you need a new page tamplet?
Simply, because your creating a version of your PAGE without a title, this also keeps the original in tact or if you need those titles on your pages again

01- find your file named “onecolumn-page.php” (located in your theme folder)
02- this part must be done! – rename the line:

* Template Name: One column, no sidebar
to something else, like ” * Template Name: One column, no sidebar – no title header”

03. now save this file under a different name ( I chose “onecolumn-page-no-titleheader.php”

04- remove the line

<h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>

(or will be similar)
04- re-upload this file into your theme folder




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