PHP Script to Delete Files on Server (from a folder)

(OR how to set up a script that ONLY deletes the contents of a folder and NOT the folder itself)

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Objective: You need to create a PHP script and place it in your ROOT directory

Disclaimer: Read directions and MAKE SURE your path is correct or you could end up deleting stuff you didn’t want to
(in other words run a test after you’ve backed up your site)

You need to create a PHP script and place it in your ROOT directory

1- to do this, create a text document and paste in the following code:

function remove($dirname = ‘.’)
        if (is_dir($dirname))
                echo “$dirname is a directory.<br />”;

                if ($handle = @opendir($dirname))
                        while (($file = readdir($handle)) !== false)
                                if ($file != “.” && $file != “..”)
                                        echo “$file<br />”;

                                        $fullpath = $dirname . ‘/’ . $file;

                                        if (is_dir($fullpath))
remove(‘test/’); // This is the directory folder that the files reside in to be deleted.


2- make sure that you replace the part of the code that says: (with the folder name that you want your contents emptied FROM)

remove(‘test/’); // This is the directory folder that the files reside in to be deleted.

So to clarify, if your folder is located at:
(the folder that your want contents emptied from)

Example only:

then you need to add  wp-content/cache/ to the line, so that it looks like this

remove(‘wp-content/cache/‘); // This is the directory folder that the files reside in to be deleted.


3- Now SAVE this file, rename it emptycachescript.php, and upload to your ROOT diretcory

4- put some contents in the folder that you want things deleted from (for purposes of testing)


SO you would type in:

Now go back and check, to see if the folder is now empty?
Yes? – cool then its working!

NOW that you’ve got the script, you can set it up to run thru your ISP, or cron or automated process plugin


WordPress users? I have added a solution for you
Please seed this post which details the process using the PHP script from this post

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