Twitter: How to Remove someone from a Twitter list – New Twitter

Now don’t feel bad if you are confused, the method doesn’t make alot of sense, when you get down to #7

01Login to your account (the one where you created the list)

02- click on HOME at top

03– under “What’s happening? click the sub menu the says LISTS
from the drop down select your list (under “lists by you“)

04– A little to the right you’ll see “View list page” – click that

05– in submenu click on the “Following” tab (in gray area)

06– you’ll now see who the list follows


07– Next to the FOLLOWING (green button) you’ll see the “head an shouldersicon
– select the icon from the name you DONT want on the list
– select “add to list” (even though they are already on it)

08– A popup comes up, now uncheck their name from the “list name”

09 hit the X to close

that’s it!

DOUBLE CHECK? (to see if it’s removed)
click one tab over and then come back “Following” should change number by 1 less”

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