How to auto-upload your YouTube files overnight?

A fantastic free tool that I’ve used over the years can be found at
The software tends to go thru periods where it doesnt work due to YouTube constantly upgrading their own algorithms.
However, check back for upgrades, as the team usually gets the software fixed fairly often


01– Install Software and Open

02– Click “Change Account” to enter in your Youtube login info (also check “remember me”)

03– Choose your Category first (so that the uploads all upload with the right relevant category)

04– Click “Add Files” and point it to a directory on your harddrive with your videos
(then select all the files in that folder)

05–  Click “Upload

Further tips and takeaways:
YouTube has a limit of upload every 5 hours, so only upload  100 Videos at time (and then wait 5 hours for it to reset)
– As of current the software DOES NOT work for applying the same TAGS to each video, so you may have to go back in and do that manually (after uploads)
– Best to do whle you sleep as the process tends to hog memory
– As of current there doesnt seem to be a tool for “Daily Motion” that does this

– It looks like Youtube has expanded the file upload function on their site!
Now you can just navigate to the folder, select all, and click upload!
This could take a while depending on how many files you have, but is a nice change in functionality

How to auto-upload your YouTube files overnight?

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