Google Analytics: Extract All Keywords from Range into single .pdf?

In the new version of Google Analytics, it might not be so obvious how to get all your keywords extracted from a given date range onto 1 page.
A few easy steps will send you in the right direction.

1- Log into GA
2- Go to TRAFFIC SOURCES—>SOURCES–>SEARCH–>ORGANIC (if only looking at organic)
3- change the date range to desired range
4- Go  to bottom of page and look at how many keywords are listed (for instance it might say “1- 841” or such).
This tells you how many keywords for the period you are looking up there are.
(For example, the total keyword count for me was 2033)
5- Select 500 from bottom first
6- Go to your URL listed at top in your browser.

It should look something like this:

Now change the end of the URL to your total number (for instance mine would be 2033) – see example


That’s it, you should now have your entire collection of keywords showing in GA, you can now export to pdf, or to Excel!

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