Feeding your Twitter RSS Feed into Another Twitter account

First off you’re probably wondering why this is necessary? Why would you want to re-post your Twitter RSS to another Twitter account?


Say you have a music act that posts regular feeds from its Twitter account, and YOU want to repost them out of your own personal account. Theoretically this would give you 2 points of promotion, 1 thru the main Twitter account and 1 thru your own personal Twitter account.

Well this idea can be used for businesses in the same way with all sort of combinations.

Example 2:

Your personal account feeds in “common interest feeds” AND you’d like your business Tweets to come thru directly as well (thru your personal account that is)

OK so with that out of the way you have to solve a couple issues:



1- What is the RSS Feed from your Main account (music act account, business or other)

– replace the part of the feed that says “addyourusernamehere” with your Twitter user name


Side Note:
You can get different Twitter feed suggestions from this page

2- How do I feed my Twitter feed back into Twitter?

Good question, that’s pretty easy…… however you may run into an issue with your Twitter feed (used in step #1)

Let me explain:

A) First you would need create an account on Twitterfeed.com
(this allows you to import feeds from other sources and send them back into your Twitter account)

B) Using Twitterfeed, you can have multiple RSS feeds coming into one source and outputting directy back into Twitter…cool eh?

C) Problem, Twitterfeed will give you an error if you try and use a “Twitter RSS Feed” as a source (such as the one posted in Step #1)

in fact the exact message is “”twitter does not allow posting of twitter feeds back to twitter”

D) How to solve this?
Well, what I had to do is create a working version of the feed, one that was converted and then re-processed (so to speak)
I found a solution by going to http://www.feedkiller.com/ and entering in the Twitter RSS feed (from step #1) into the “mix field” (note you may HAVE to have a least 2 feeds for this to work, though the 2nd could be a dead feed or some feed that never updates)

The result will give you a new working feed THAT YOU CAN use!

E) Now go back to Twitterfeed and enter in this new RSS feed
(when adding this make sure and select “advanced and select “Post new items based on GUID’)

Final note – if http://www.feedkiller.com/ at some point is no longer working, you’ll need to find another way to convert your Twitter feed such as http://www.rssmix.com/ or such.

THATS IT – using the steps detailed above you should be able to import a Twitter Feed dirrectly into another Twitter account

(Note: I didn’t test it, but you may be able to run the feed thru Yahoo Pipes as well to re-process it)

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