Facebook Fan page – How to Select all friends at once (using Suggest all Friends)

This tutorial assumes you have signed up for both a personal profile in Facebook and created a Fan or Business page
If not,  this won’t work as you have to suggest friends from your personal profile TO your Fan page
Fan pages themselves cannot suggest friends

01– Must use Mozilla Firefox Browser for this to work
(Install per http://www.mozilla.com)

02- Install free plugin “Greasemonkey

03– Install “Facebook invite all friends button” per script (click install)

04– You will have to restart Firefox on each install
(also let it upgrade to most recent version if the prompt comes up)

05- Double check in Firefox now that these are enabled by making sure they are checked ON
Tools–>Greasemonkey–>Select all Facebook friends
Tools–>Greasemonkey–>Facebook invite all friedns button

06– Now log on to to your Facebook account

07– go to your Fanpage

08- Click Suggest to friends (upper right column)

09- Click  the tab “Select All” (now added becuase of the Greasemonkey and scripts)
Note – There may be a delay if you have alot f friends

10– You should see the “Selected” prompt now reading a large number

11- Click Send Recommendations

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