Youtube: SEO Tip – Using Captions to Gain Indexing!

This latest tip is actually a cool “little known” SEO tip for getting the maximum value out of your Youtube clips. The “Captions” feature was added in 2009 to allow for captions to be added or translated to other languages. Though what you probably didn’t know is that this feature has also been updated to use its captions as part of Google’s and YouTube’s indexing! Now I’m sure you realize the advantage to that, however there is a process you need to spend a little bit of time to get this squared away. The takeaway is that all your audio words “could” help your indexing and SEO value. This might not be good for all, however it is especially good for marketing videos or tutorial clips.

First off you need to let the video create “Captions” on its own.

1- Click the Captions button located on the bottom of your clip, make sure that is says “Captions are on

2- You need to also hit the option “Translate Captions

3- Now play the clip from the beginning so it starts to translate the words and input your time signatures.. Let it play till the end.

4- Now, go ahead and click the “Edit” button on the top left (or you can get there thru the “Video Manager” option) – in any case you want to be in the “Edit” screen for this video

5- Click on “Captions” tab

6- You should see your captured “Captions” now in there, however we are only using that for a starter.

7- Click on your “caption text” and go ahead and hit the download button (to down load the .sbv file to your desktop)

8- Open this up in a Text Editor and correct all the words that were captured incorrectly – then SAVE
9- Got back to your “Captions” tab and hit the “upload caption or transcript” button – that’s it!

Note: This also presents an opportunity to possibly add a few new terms to your transcript in effort of gain some SEO traction on the clip (however use sparingly)

UPDATE: I did some keyword testing on this, and results DO prove that captions are indeed being indexed.
Hint: Maybe its time to start implementing “keywords” into your sales persons / presenters speeches!!!

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