Yahoo Site Explorer has moved on

Those of you who still rely on the old method of updating your Yahoo Site Explorer data, you can finally move forward. It was announced that Bing and Yahoo data would be merging a while ago. Confirmation of this came form a recent email I received from Yahoo themselves a week ago, that stated they would no longer be supporting Yahoo Site Explorer

The organic search listings on Yahoo! Search is now powered by Bing in the US and Canada. Webmasters should begin familiarizing themselves with the Bing Webmaster Center tool, as Yahoo! Site Explorer is being phased out in such markets. Data available in Site Explorer may no longer be valid for Bing-powered markets.

For SEO purposes, this is actually a good thing, as we can now concentrate on one data center to monitor. Namely Bing Webmaster Tools in which under :”Rank and Traffic Stats” you’ll see the Yahoo and Bing logos side by side.

In a recent run of Rank Checker I did notice a previously non-Yahoo listed site actually showing data now. I think more than a few would agree, that the Yahoo prudish structure of doing things (and charging) is a welcome good riddens in this department.

Yahoo of course itself is still live, though its back end is moving on. Yahoo Site Explorer is still active but deceiving since it’s really not being used by the new structure.

SEO’s are advised to just make sure all your sitemaps are in good order on BING Webmaster Tools

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