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Wordpress Articles – Tips & Tricks:

While I realize that Wordpress itself is not considered Inbound marketing, certainly blogging is a major component…. if not most important in the inbound scheme of things. With that said, preparing and customizing your blog falls into an important factor in the Inbound scheme of things. I have provided this section to save readers the trouble of searching hundreds of forums for the same information…. Comments and suggestions of course are always welcome.

WordPress: How to get Rid of theme_credit()

How to get rid of footer credit (or theme credit  theme_credit()?) at the bottom of a WordPress blog?
How to delete WordPress Blog credit at bottom?

Usally it is found in the “footer.php” file, but when deleted it can cause your blog theme to mess up.
A simple solution is just “comment” it out. This should keep it from showing without deleting the theme code. Notice the <!– character added twice


                <?php echo date(“Y”);?> – <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> is proudly powered by <a href=””>WordPress</a><br/>

  <?php /*Please leave 1 credit line to the theme designer. Thanks.*/ theme_credit();?> Continue reading WordPress: How to get Rid of theme_credit()

WordPress: How to Add a Custom Font to your Twenty Ten WordPress Menu?

Note: using example font “bebasneue” for this tutorial

1- create a font folder in your theme’s folder, call it “fonts
(should reside next to your styles.css file)

2- upload and convert your font to the 4 different formats per this link:

3- Now upload your 4 fonts to the font folder you created in step #1

4 – Find this section in your styles.css file Continue reading WordPress: How to Add a Custom Font to your Twenty Ten WordPress Menu?

WordPress: Remove “category title” from Category pages?


How to I remove this line (category title) from appearing on each category  page?

Posts categorized “category_title”


Open up file “category.php



     //printf( __( ‘Category Archives: %s’, ‘twentyten’ ), ‘<span>’ . single_cat_title( ”, false ) . ‘</span>’ );

Comment this section out per //  Continue reading WordPress: Remove “category title” from Category pages?

WordPress: How to Add Images or HTML to “Edit Descriptions” field?

WordpressBy default WordPress is designed to strip out HTML code from this area. However you may want to modify your “edit descriptions” at times to add maybe a banner, graphi, or html coding
By adding the code below, you can do just that

If not familiar with the area I’m speaking of you can get there per:


then select the category you want to edit (click “edit” and paste your code into its “Description” field

TO SET UP WORDPRESS SO THAT YOU CAN ADD HTML CODE? Continue reading WordPress: How to Add Images or HTML to “Edit Descriptions” field?

WordPress: Increase Your Memory?

WordpressHow to get more intensive plugins to work?
How to Get Better response from your WordPress site?

Recently I was working with a few plug ins that stopped working when I pulled out the code (I’m going to be listing). Now the code didn’t come in the original config.php file. It was added at the suggestion of others. However I wasn’t really sure if it was ever working between a slow database and a number of other factors.

I had removed it for the meantime thinking that it was maybe putting too much weight on my site. That wasn’t the case, though once removed I did notice some of my list-creating plugins weren’t functioning anymore (the pages would come up blank)

After adding the code back in, they worked without a hitch.
This lead me to believe that “yes” we can control a portion of our memory by override a few settings
(to the dismay of your ISP, no less)

1- Open your config.php file in a Text Editor

2- scroll down to the part that says: Continue reading WordPress: Increase Your Memory?