WordPress: Forgot Password?

How to recover?
Wordpress password recovery?
Hacked wordpress – need to change password?

3 ways

01- You can change your password while logged (via your profile)

Users–>Your Profile (scroll to bottom)
(now enter a new password)

02- You can change your password when locked out (forgot)
– Navigate to WordPress login screen (wp-admin)
– Click the “lost your password” link
– Enter username of email (it will get mailed it to you)
– Then click “Get new password”

or per manual url link


03- You can change your password via your database (located on your server ISP)

WordPress: Forgot Password?

Log into your ISP account
– Go to “phpmyadmin” (to get your database)
– Click on the database name in the left sidebar
– then click on the “wp-users” table in the left sidebar
– “Browse” tab (to see list of users)
– find your username (usually admin) – then click on the pencil icon to edit
– under “user_pass” delete your old value
– enter in next password (plain text version)
– now under “function” column in the drop down select “MD5”
– Click “GO” at bottom

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