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WordpressThis solution does work however, your ISP database managers don’t want you to know it!
(your welcome, by the way)

Why is that?
– They like to keep you at your limit (usually 75K Queries per hour, or worse 50K)
– They’ll charge you $ if you want to increase that to 150K (per month for that matter)
– This solution actually gives you the equivalent of 225K per hour (that is a shit load!)
and best of all, YOUR IN CONTROL

What is this exactly?
Good Question, it is a way to swap user logins when you exceed the 75K queries (automatically behind the scenes – set it and forget it), thus enabling your site to keep functioning rather than getting that nasty error codes (500, or ‘exceeded max_questions’ or database can not connect) when you’ve used too man database resources. It is called a 3 User Array (for inquiring minds)

How does it work?
Instead of the default of 1 login (in your config.php file), it can choose between 3 (or more if you’d like)

Will it get me in trouble?
Not sure, but so far so good!

What should I be aware of?
All 3 database logins must use the same password, or it won’t work

How do I start?
– Log into your SQL Database menu located usually in your account on your ISP
– Create 2 more logins using the same password first!
– write each down, the login names and the 1 password

Please make a backup copy of your config.php file first – just in case – for some reason it doesn’t work or the server has some sort of restriction…….do it now!

Please note: that the script was pulled from advisor code sites after a rather extensive search. I did try 4 variations that were reported, but this version was the only working one (that truly worked). Do not email me on coding advice as I would be able to help you on this one.

The portion that says “DB_USER“, may be listed differently in your WordPress config.php file, if so then use their term


OK get started!

1– open your config.php file and edit in text editor

2– Scroll down to the spot that says:

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘yourdatabasename’);

3- now paste in this right below it so it looks like this: (should also be right “above” the “define(‘DB_PASSWORD’,” code)

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘yourdatabasename’);

/** MySQL database username */
//Add as many users as you like
$database_user_array[] = “username 1 goes here”;
$database_user_array[] = “username 2 goes here”;
$database_user_array[] = “username 3 goes here”;

$database_user = $database_user_array[ rand( 0, ( sizeof($database_user_array) -1 ) ) ];

define(‘DB_USER’, $database_user);


4– Make sure you of course swapped out the parts that say:

username 1 goes here
username 2 goes here
username 3 goes here

with the correct names from your database details

5SAVE and RE-upload to root

That’s it – now test and enjoy your freedom!

Please note- you should still take actions to keep your site manageable and optimized to prevent ever getting past your limit. In the end, its a solution to a faster site

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