WordPress: Creating My Own Date Based Link List (a plugin)

WordpressI thought I’d share a quick tip on a recent need that I had.
It involved finding a “link widget” that I could put in date based links, that I could change when I needed to (on the fly)
The need was 2 things – date chronological and URL links

Needless to probably say there are alot of plugins that simply do “too” much when what I needed was a basic and simple plug in

I finally settled on the “Simple Link List Widget

It’s perfect for what I needed as long as each name in the list is designed in chronological order (dates)
(you’ll also have to enter them in this order)

so for instance my list looked like this (Example)

01.12.2012 – Camping Trip
02.20.2012 – Birthday Party
02.23.2012 – Class Trip

You can also make a movie list this way, say for upcoming movies (example only)
(in fact since they dont make a “upcmign movie plugin ;)

01.12.2012 – Batman
02.20.2012 – Shutter Island
02.23.2012 – Insidious

Hope that Helps – I saved me weeks of looking for the right plug in that didn’t use alot of resources.

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