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Google Analytics Qualification Test – How To Pass Test?


Before taking, I knew that there would be a fair amount of studying to do. I am like most Marketers, who maybe have used GA in smaller capabilities over the years. If you are completely new, then you need to spend a few hours “dinking” around in the program, so you are familiar with where things are.  Now the difference between those who use it for marketing and those who are “qualified in Google Analytics”, can be a bit of night and day. As most use GA simply as an over complex hit counter of sorts.

Google Analytics can do alot more, and alot more than can get you better and faster answers about your data.

To sum things up better, once you’ve went thru the process of learning, taking the test and being able to proclaim certification….you will have an understanding of – Segments, Event Tracking, Campaigns, Filters, Expressions (to some extent), Regex, Site Search, Goals, Advanced Segments and Cross Domain Tracking to name a few

Most users of GA – Open it up, check the dashboard readings and move on (aka – over complex hit counter of sorts)

All that “stuff” may sound intimidating off the cuff, but trust me…..1 step at a time, go thru the lessons…and read all the links and suggestions. You’ll come out a winner Continue reading Google Analytics Qualification Test – How To Pass Test?