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Why is Sitemap essential to SEO? (sitmemap.xml)

Ok, this has been an issue that has bugged me from first report by the SEO industry….
The statement is that sitemaps have no SEO value to your on page SEO

Though I disagree, and have tested this numerous times.

Let’s fix that statement:
Sitemaps dont provide SEO however they DO  help the search engines find your pages better and quicker. SEO is the art of getting found in the Search Engines, therefore sitemaps do off er SEO value!

OK, take that a step further and simplify:
Sitemaps help get pages found by search engines = SEO is about getting found! Continue reading Why is Sitemap essential to SEO? (sitmemap.xml)

Why a favicon.ico is important to SEO? (custom favorites icon)

Not an often written subject, I believe a firm SEO’ed package delivery must include a CUSTOM icon for your home page

What is favicon.ico? – Simply that little icon that appears in your browsers favorites

Oh, that thing – why important?

Simple analogy = users see = users may find or investigate quicker

OK, I get how do I create one?

01-  create a custom icon graphic 16×16 pixels (note at such small size usually a letter or 2 or small icon is appropriate

02– yep, save that on your computer as a jpg Continue reading Why a favicon.ico is important to SEO? (custom favorites icon)

Is your site SEO friendly – 10 Quick steps to simple optimization

SEO Friendly? – A few quick steps to give your site a boost in the SERPS

01– Heading tags? (Meta Title tag, Description tag)?

02- Smart – ALT tags?

03- Images named per keywords

04- Keywords as Anchor Links

05- Interlinking | internally linked pages
    Interlinking based on Categories, relevant subject matter

06- File names separated by hyphens? (inbound-marketing.html = better than inbound_marketing.html)

07– File names (named) relevant to content  Continue reading Is your site SEO friendly – 10 Quick steps to simple optimization

12 Steps to Improving your online traffic ranks

01– Create Relevant Engaging Landing Pages

02- Create & Submit your RSS feeds to Social Channels

03- Buy Relevant (names) Domains (relevant domain names are top SEO performing metric)

04– Re-Evaluate your Webpages (page by page) fine tune on-page SEO

05– Locate any duplicate content on your site and re-write or delete

06– Create Social Media Business profiles Continue reading 12 Steps to Improving your online traffic ranks

12 most important facts about ‘Page Rank’

So what’s the deal with “Page Rank”?
Page Rank is Google’s bastard child of a ranking that everyone wishes would go away but still hangs onto like it represents some level of importance. In this list we are referring to the “Page Rank” that shows up in toolbars


1) Page Rank has been more than less dismissed by the SEO community.

2) Page Rank (the toolbar one) is called by many as a Pseudo page rank.

3) Page Rank (the actual one – the one we cant see) is only known by Google alone.

4) Page Rank is not in real time and is reported as being updated every 4 months (or every quarter) (your page’s listing)

5) Page Rank is really named after “Larry Page” even though it has subconsciously adhered into our psyche’s that it was named after web “pages”

6) Page Rank assigns a numerical weight to the importance of a page

7) Google has stated that site owners shouldn’t focus on page rank anymore

8) October 15, 2009, a Google removed PageRank from its Webmaster Tools section.

9) Marketers (or marketing companies) still seem to base value on this dinosaur measurement

10) Marketers (or marketing companies) still try and sell advertising based on “page rank”

11) Because of this, there still are efforts made towards elevating a sites “page rank”

12) Google uses over 200 other methods to optimize the search results (in addition to Page Rank) Continue reading 12 most important facts about ‘Page Rank’