WordPress: Adding Code to Front Page-Only Between Posts

WordpressHow to Add Code below your Home Page Blog posts?
How to ad Adsense code below Front Page Blog Postings
How do I add HTML to My Twenty Ten Theme Front Page (below posts)?
How to Add code to Front page and not the rest of my blog?

This code is used to place and code (or ad code…whatever you’d like) on your WordPress blogs front page only

(You can also have it appear sitewide, if you follow additional notes below)

(This code is used only for one placement on your front page ) (more than 1 placement lessons to come soon!) Continue reading WordPress: Adding Code to Front Page-Only Between Posts

WordPress: Category Thumbnails Image Widget Plugin for Sidebar


I thought this post would be a great help to those looking for this “look and feel” option for your theme. In fact I’ve seen this kind of widget in several themes (built in), but nothing that really does this simple need function (in the way of plugins).

For clarification, it’s a sidebar widget that only shows the thumbnails (or with titles..etc) on “recent posts” organized (or with the ability to organize) into columns (2-up, 4-up, 6-up)..etc. I’ve included a snapshot example to illustrate the need: Continue reading WordPress: Category Thumbnails Image Widget Plugin for Sidebar

WordPress: Adding a 2nd Menu Navigation (or 3rd) to Your Twenty Ten Theme Easily!

WordpressPlease note: This technique should also work across any theme (not tested on other themes, but the logic is pretty straight forward)

It was the other day that I was searching for “this” particular need on the Internet and came across several articles. While the articles were informative, each of them seemed to be missing basic steps and/or were listing code that produced errors on my site. So for the sake of simplicity and straight forward information, I am listing the procedure in very basic steps so that anyone can add a 2nd, 3rd, 4th……menu to your theme. This lesson does not take into account child themes, it is simply the way to modify your theme as is, right out of the box

(This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding on how to edit and save your theme files) Really there is only 3 steps, though I’ve taken the time to explain everything to walk you thru it. Continue reading WordPress: Adding a 2nd Menu Navigation (or 3rd) to Your Twenty Ten Theme Easily!

Social Media Autoposting from your Blog – A Quick Solution

While, many will argue that social media is (of course) about your level of engagement, interaction, and networking, there is also quite a few of us bloggers who “prefer” an auto-posting solution “backed up” by engagement (as time permits).

For instance, a large organization can afford the luxury of a social-media focused individual who “can” take all day (or their 8 hours) and properly engage across media channels for a warm and friendly level of interaction.

The other model is the hard working blogger (usually a 1 person operation) who prefers to spend his or her time on the creation of content and fresh articles.

This article’s strategy “can” be utilized by both but is meant for the single entrepreneur who ALSO needs to alert their followers to fresh posts as they are submitted. This method is also a great way to save massive time (keeping your channels active with content) and driving traffic back from those who are alerted to your activity (your fans, LIKES and followers)

Without further ado, I have devised a simple 3 point plan that each uses a different method for submitting. Continue reading Social Media Autoposting from your Blog – A Quick Solution

RSS Feed INTO Google+ Pages Solution!

I’ve seen my share of proposed solutions over the past year, some of which requiring payment to execute. I had to share this FREE recent solution provided by the Hootsuite Application that works perfectly. Now as we all await Google+ to formalize this feature for G+ users………. have no fear as there is a way!

2 things you need to get started:

1- Sign up for a FREE Hootsuite account (you can also pay for the PREMIUM version, if needed…I just went with the FREE one, myself)

2- I’m going to pass the torch and recommend this article that walks you thru the process of RSS feeds into Google + easily and quickly. Continue reading RSS Feed INTO Google+ Pages Solution!

How to Pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam – A Comprehensive List

Ok, if you’ve made it to this page then you are surely on your way to becoming a certified Google AdWords Fundamentals master. Passing the test require study materials. Though it is not always clear where to get them all and what you need. This list is my hands down recommended list of materials and notes that you’ll need to pass the test.

1- Fundamentals Training Manual

Special note:
It is pertinent that you obtain the most recent Fundamentals training. As there have been some factors that have changed. One I ran into constantly was “Image maximum file size” which “was” 50k and has since been raised to 150K. Other changes include the # of location targeting elements which were limited before but now raised to 10,000. Though while I did occasionally find some changed discrepancies in the “Questions and Answers” floating around, those discrepancies were not questions in the actual exam.

2- Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam Course Notes

A great resource that I pulled off of a seminar from Christopher Onderstall. The original document can be found here, however I have saved a revised version of this for you that is easier on the ink (original was mostly black backgrounds) and ready to go in .pdf form. This slideshow presentation was SO essential to getting AdWords concepts down in a well presented organized way, that I can’t say enough about it. Print this out and keep it handy….trust me! Continue reading How to Pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam – A Comprehensive List

Google Analytics: (2012) Navigation Summary Explained

Alright, take a deep breath as you are not going crazy.
If you’ve had to deal with the task of reporting your top ALL PAGES (or determining) for your web site in Google Analytics AND the trends of users, you may have created a report that looks something like this:

(note: modified data for example purposes)
(numbers rounded) (Example created to demonstrate discrepancy)

Highest ALL PAGES page: Homepage
48% exit after Homepage
14% go onto “website page 1”
13% go onto “website page 7”
12% go onto “About Us contact”
9% go onto “website page 8”
remaining = various

To locate this information you’ll want to take these steps: Continue reading Google Analytics: (2012) Navigation Summary Explained