Structured Data, & Rich Snippets Explained

With SEO rapidly changing and the scope of the Internet taking on new forms, a new base of terms has emerged in the interest of re-defining how data is interpreted in search engines. The subject of “structured data” is not entirely new, though it has found new life within the last few years as search engines are evolving and eliminating the garbage factors that have plagued search since the beginning.

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Simple Seo Tips for Content Writers

As a general rule for SEO, it’s always good to think in terms of doing all that you can to “assist” Google/Bing with understanding “what” your pages are about. This will be especially important as Google moves into a “human understanding” process over just queries & keywords. This process is happening right “now” and will continue into a full artificial intelligence process. It’s important to embrace this philosophy as not just science fiction. As a result, the SEO arena is shifting again. Future success will rely on staying on top of “what” those shifts are.

With that said, here are some basic guidelines, not only to help SEO, but to help your Marketing get found and understood properly.

3 parameters you can work with to SEO your own pages
While there are hundreds of factors, the recommended “SEO 3” for content writers
1) Meta-title
2) H1 tag
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Why is Google Analytics Certification Worth it?

I first wondered this myself when drudging thru pages upon pages of study materials, videos, tutorials, mock-testing and memorization. I had in fact always used Google Analytics within Marketing to “some” capacity (usually the level that the rest of the world uses it at). It counts page hits, delivers keyword information and tells you where the buckets of traffic are rooted. That seemed to be enough at the time.

The reality here is that Google Analytics is a quite complex application offering alot more under the hood. Those offerings “usually” are under-utilized due to Google Analytics simply seeming to be overwhelming (when digging into all its levels and trenches of information).

Certification was a need that, I decided long ago, was something that would be of immense value to me.
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How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Display Name?

Ok, so hopefully you’ve gone thru the exercise of changing your “Default YouTube Channel Name” already. However, there is still work to be done to get your YouTube channel further customized. In this exercise, I will be changing our “YouTube Channel Display Name“.

1- Go to your new YouTube channel at

To change this you’ll have to disconnect your Youtube channel “from” your Google+ account first!

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How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Name?

As YouTube evolves its interface and makes changes to the structure, I have found that a few of the more apparent aspects are not always “that” clear to new users (or existing users for that matter).

When you sign up for a Google account you are automatically given the option to have your own YouTube channel.

The first thing I usually change is the “YouTube Channel Name” to something more appropriate for display. This is that long random string of numbers and letters that comes after the URL: (per example) Continue reading How to Change Your Default YouTube Channel Name?

SEO your YouTube! 2013 – The Complete Guide

Welcome back, I’ve got a few tips on how the big boys make the best of their Youtube videos by providing plenty of SEO opportunities to each video. While the YouTube front is always changing, there are some basic areas that you can provide a pretty good round of SEO to each video to provide avenues for more traffic to your hub site.

Youtube has been listed as the second largest search engine. Which means you can potentially get more traffic from Youtube than Bing / Yahoo!

To start off, there is no better way to drive this idea home than YouTube’s own advice!
Check out the image from Youtube’s suggestion. If this isn’t a hint, I don’t know what is!


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