How to create a Company profile in LinkedIn?

How to create a company profile?
Creating a Company within LinkedIn?
How TO Build Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn?
How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Business?
How to Make a LinkedIn Company Profile?

01- (login first) – (must have an account with LinkedIN


02– Start Directly at

02– Or do a search from the top tab “Companies” and then “Search Companies
– Do a search for your company, or company name
– If no results come up then select “Add a Company Profile” for (your company name)

03– Add name of company that you want to add

04– Then your email address
(you should have an email address that contains the company domain, or you will get an error)

– for instance if you work at SimpleInbound, you want to use your Mike@simpleinbound email address

05– Select the verification box
(Now it will either take you directly to the creation page or it will email you with instructions for verification
– Why this differs is if your profile has the domain email address already in it.

06– Fill out all the fields you can then Click “PUBLISH” on the top right
(Don’t worry you can come back later)

– Once you’ve created it, it will show under COMPANIES at top (under your profile)
– It will also now be searchable within LinkedIn
– Great way to also drive traffic or connections
– Show off your brand – add a logo!
– Linkedin business profile is a sign of professionalism

How to create a Company profile in LinkedIn

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