6 Essential facts about On-page SEO & meta tags

01- Domain names are your #1 relevant find factor
(Example: www.FloridaAutomotive.com has much more weight in search engines for finding autmotive parts in Florida that www.Joesautomotiveparts.com)

02Page Title headers – Are your 2nd most important factor!
(Words always work left to right….meaning in the title

“Joes Automotive parts and Auto Trade”

Joes has more weight than Autmotive which has more weight than parts

Better title:
Automotive Parts & Trade | Joes Automotive

03- Keyword Meta tags are wasted effort and not supported by major serach engines
(There is also danger of giving your competitors an “edge on your marketing approach words)

04- All other meta tags are merely taking up space in your HTML code and not recommended

05Description Meta Tags have no SEO value
(However they are essential to user experience when your page is found in SERPS and the bold terms might influence your readers to visiting)

06– Do away with Search Engine STOP words in Page title meta
(and, of, the, about, etc)

– If possible target domain name choice in relevant market way
– Finetune Title header choices
– Always work left to right in Weight
– Dont add Keyword meta tag to meta tags in header
– Add Meta Description for user experience and page selling point
– Do add important keywords to Meta Descriptions
– Take out stop words unless absolutely necessary

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